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What People Are Saying:
So far Luka from AuraRank has been very impressive with his knowledge and communication.

He seems to be very confident and has a "talk the talk and walk the walk" motto which I really like.

When things are delivered on-time and messages are returned promptly it makes everything better and easier for everyone
- Loukeyzee, Canada

3rd order (74F11C79), the results are amazing so I kept coming back, 

I ordered a Jump Start package and got updated to the Elite Titan package ($549) at no extra charge. 

Love it sooo much. Thank you

- N. Nguyen
Overall I am very impressed with this service. I really like the way that Luka works - everything feels very well thought out and super professional. 

There is clearly a tonne of effort that has gone into building this service - the entire process is very well managed, the link building strategy itself is very well thought out with multiple tiers, huge diversity of link types and a wide variety of different link platforms being used. 

There has clearly been a lot of consideration put into anchor text diversity as well.

- David S
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